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Welcome to my little site, Pranks of the Marauders which dedicated to the Marauders from J.K.Rowling's lovely and fantastic novel, Harry Potter. This site also contain some basic information/spoiler which probably people already know about it and some doujinshi that are made by me. Have a fun time browsing the site.


Disclaimer: These all lovely characters are not mine ;_; but J.K.Rowling


. . . UPDATES. . .


Yay! I've made a new icon again for showing which part I've updated, it's the sparkling wand! (). I did also modified some pages of the site (especially the page for the fanarts section). Not a very big update this month, just 1 new title with 5 pages story in the doujinshi section, and several new arts in the fan arts section.





Nothing much at today update ^^; Just putting some pictures on the fanarts section and updated the links section. And I also made a glowing pumpkin as the mark in which part I've updated ^^

Still working on the doujinshi pages... I'll try to finish them soon ><;





I'm sorry for not updating for so long ^^; I've been confused by 'The Order of the Phoenix' (HP5). All the personalities that my marauders and Rowling's is really... mirrored each other *lol*. I'll continue the doujinshi later when I found a way out to finish the story with using some of the info that I've found in OotP ^^; (and gee... James' behavior really surprised the hell outta me Xx;; never thought he gonna be like that).

I've changed the layout and all the contains XD the 'Order of the Phoenix' information were added into the parents' generation profile. And I also decided to put some of my fan arts here X3;

Doujinshi Project review: You can see my version of Sirius for the doujinshi project (below). This is how Sirius going to be like in my pages *giggles*. I'll let ya know more about the doujinshi project on the next update *grins*


Sirius Black