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Pranks of The Marauders

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The Parent Generation

This information is not 100% accurate (as they all are taken from the novel's fact or fans' point of view, not from J.K.Rowling her self). Information taken from: The Philosopher's Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire, The Order of the Phoenix. SPOILER AHEAD!

Name : James Potter (Prongs)

Animagi's form : Stag

House : Gryffindor

Coming from a wizardly family (pure blood). He's Sirius' best friend from childhood time. James was also a seeker for Gryffindor Quidditch team. He's the most mischief guy in the Marauders group. He likes to play with his snitch only to attract some attention from other students in Hogwart. His bad habit was to ruffle his hair so it will look messy as if he was just from the quidditch practice. James also love to pick on Severus Snape for some reason (Rowling haven't explained why), he put a violence trick on Snape and sometimes a really embarrassing pranks. Lily once hate James for what he have done to Snape.

James later married with Lily Evans and the father of Harry Potter. He was killed by Voldemort while protecting Lily and baby Harry from him.

Name : Sirius Black (Padfoot)

Animagi's form : huge black dog

House : Gryffindor

Coming from a Black Wizardly family (pure blood). The Black family was the very best known of Dark Wizards and Witches, and almost all of them becoming death eaters. Only Sirius Black and Andromeda Black felt sick of the family and let their name erased from the Black's family. Mrs Black (Sirius' mum) really despite muggles and ordinary Wizards/Witches. The Black family also have a very odd traditions... to cut every head of the dead house elves that had been working for their family and put them as decoration *shudders* ^^;;;

Sirius was James' best friend from childhood time. When Harry was born, James choose him to be his Godfather, and  Sirius accepted the term. But, not a very long time after Harry was born, Voldemort killed James and Lily. Sirius tried to help them but it just gave him into an unexpected thing, which made him ended in the Azkaban prison. But he got away from the prisoner and try to protect Harry Potter the best he could. Though he got away from the prisoner, his freedom wasn't really a freedom. People sees him as a run away prisoner and trying to catch him death or alive.

Highlight the sentences for a very big spoiler: Sadly, his life out side of the prisoner only last for 2 in hiding years. He was killed by a Death Eaters, Bellatrix Lestrange. He has gone beyond the veil while fighting her.

Name : Remus Lupin (Moony)

Animagi's form : N/A (a werewolf)

House : Gryffindor

When he was a little kid, he went to play in the wood and unfortunately got bitten by a werewolf which turning him into one. Coming from a wizardly and muggle family (mixed blood). He was the reason why James, Sirius and Peter became an animagus (to keep him accompany when he's transforming into a werewolf at every full moon). He also addicted to chocolate and sweet thing. In their fifth year, Dumbledore pick him as a Perfect (the reason was to control the mischief behaviors of the other Marauders, especially James). He was the good boy in the Marauders but oddly, when James and Sirius pick on Snape, he didn't do something or try to stop them. He was just pretending that nothing happened and continue reading his book while James and Sirius did their pranks on him (though they were doing it in front of Remus).

When Harry in his 3rd year at Hogwart, Remus was coming back to his old school as a professor, teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Highlight the sentences for a very big spoiler: When Sirius Black was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, he didnt look shocked or denial over his dead (like Harry did).

Name : Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail)

Animagi's form : rat

House : Gryffindor

Peter was the smallest than the three Marauders. Coming from a wizardly family (pure blood). He's another good boy in the Marauders and really adore James Potter over his popularity and skills on being a seeker. He likes to watch James playing with his snitch and got very excited about it. When James and Sirius did their pranks, Peter always stand/sit back and watching them (he's afraid of getting involved with James and Sirius, I think...).

In short time after Harry was born, Voldemort approached him and threatened him to trade his life with James, and becoming his follower. After the down fall of Voldemort, he turned him self into Scabbers, Ron's pet, while waiting for his master revival.

Peter was the one who helped Voldemort revived by using some of his own blood and Harry's. The Dark Lord presented him with a silver hand (the reason still unknown).

Name : Lily Evans

House : Gryffindor

Coming from a muggles family (non-wizard). She has a sister, Peutina Dursley, which hated the kind like Lily. She was a very nice girl and protect the people who needed protection or help. She once helped Snape from James and Sirius. Lily hated James for some reason (I think it's because of his arrogant behavior and always try to attract some attention with his skill as a seeker) but later in their seventh year, she become one with James.

Lilly married with James and the mother of Harry Potter. She shielded baby Harry with her own body when Voldemort came to slaughter them. The power of love from Lily to Harry was the one that made Voldemort met his down fall.

After Voldemort revived, Dumbledore forced Harry to stay with Peutina Dursley. It believed that as she was the sister of Lily in blood, The Dark Lord won't be able to touch Harry (as in Lily's power also runs in Peutina's blood).

Name : Severus Snape

House : Slytherin

Coming from a wizardly family (pure blood). He's the best student in Potion class, but he did Quidditch poorly. He envy James for his talent in Quidditch pitch. He always trying to find their (the Marauders) wrong doing and hoping them to be expelled from Hogwart. One night, Sirius was setting him up into something that nearly cost Severus' life. Sirius made Severus went into the Whomping Willow, at the time Remus was transforming into werewolf. James risk his life to save him and dragged him out to safeties which make his hatred to them became greater than but not as feral as before.

He was also Voldemort's follower, but he left and became a professor at Hogwart, teaching Potion (though he want to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts). He also in some way tried to protect Harry from any harm with his nasty way, because of his debt to James after he saved his life in the Whomping Willow.

Name : Lucius Malfoy

House : Slytherin

Coming from a wizardly family (pure blood). The generation of Malfoy family was known for their involvement in Dark Arts. They were also the follower of Voldemort. He then married with Narcissa Black and the father or Draco Malfoy (this was making Lucius as Sirius' brother-in-law and Draco as Sirius' nephew).

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