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...Cyberhell's Other Sites...

Live After Dead  My original online yaoi manga. It may contains something that are shouldn't be seen by pure and innocent eyes ^^; read the warning first before you proceed any further in this site.

I've No Idea  My normal site. Contains many of my random doodling and nonsense sketches. It also contains some of the manga that I've made in my live.

FanFiction.Net  All my written fanfiction was stored here ^^;;; I haven't made my site for the ficcus yet... Most of my fanfiction is about Furuba.

DeviantArt  You can find some of my Harry Potter fan arts and many HP Clubs here *grin*

LJournal  My LiveJournal, prepare to hear me whining and blabbering *lol* XD;;;


...Others HP links...

Harry Potter official site  The official site of Harry Potter.

MuggleNet  News about Harry Potter in the muggle world

Red Moon Rising  The very fine Sirius/Remus fanfiction writer. One of my favorites writer.

SBxRL  Kagami's Sirius/Remus site, her arts are so droolable >:D~

The Well at the World's End  One of the best Japanese Snape's art works I've ever seen! I really in love with her skill...

Sisters of Franders  Japanese site of Sirius/Remus art works. Their version of Siri and Remy is so cute!

ChiroRoom  Japanese site for Sirius/Remus, her chibiis are totally rocking!! and the art works really gorgeous!

Kurosusutoutou  Japanese site for Harry/Draco lover. Her art works really beautiful with her classic black/white style.

R.J.Lupin DADA  non-english site about Remus Lupin

Magic Alley  Rowanberry's lovely water color art works

The Marauders Map  Kmye-chan's Marauders fan site


Nothing Matters When We're Dancing  A Sirius/Remus fanlisting

Original Prankster  The Marauders fanlisting

Patronus  For all those James/Prongs fans. James Potter fanlisting

Sorted  It's a place where you can get sorted into one of the four houses. Sorting Hat Fanlisting

Moony/Remus Lupin Fans  A place for all Remus Lupin fans ^^ Moony/Remus Fanlisting

If you have a site of HP (especially about the Marauders or Snape or Lucius, etc) and want me to add you up, just email me and give me your site URL. I'll add them up as soon as I update the site ^^