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Pranks of The Marauders

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These doujinshi was made by me, CyberHell ^^;; *dodge all vegies that aimed at her* Based on the 4 infamous characters from Harry Potter books, the Marauders which contain James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Don't blame me if their profile and characteristic are out of your imagination X3~ I drew them with my own point of view. I made these with using pencil sketches only... so don't blame me with all those lines and sketchy style of drawing within the doujinshi. (I don't have much time to ink them) .;

Disclaimer: they all not mine ;_; but J.K.Rowling

WARNING: this doujinshi may contains something slash/yaoi/shounen-ai/gay materials, and beware of my infamous broken english ^^;;;

Continuous Doujinshi

Why won't You Hear Me? (PG-13) 

A flashback story between the Marauders, Lilly Evans, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy and Lord Voldemort. This Story will tell us about the fun time they had when they still at Hogwart and later on, about the betrayal that they never thought of.

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Doujinshi Sketches

The Night after the Betrayal (PG)

[SPOILER WARNING: if you haven't read HP3, just don't blame me for the spoiler within this sketch] A really quick sketch that I did when I was in down/sad mood -_-;;; (it's a 30mins sketch for the whole pages, so please excuse the crappiness of the doujinshi) This is when James and Lilly already dead, Petter whose people believed he had been killed and Sirius is in Azkaban prison. After all of those incident happened, it makes Remus by him self, with no one by his side.

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Memories... (PG-15)

Another angst story between Sirius and Remus from me ^^; My thought of Moony when Padfoot gone from his side (read HP5 and you'll understand what I meant by gone). [WARNING: light shounen-ai]

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Short doujinshi

One Precious Moment (PG)

Remus Lupin was still in Hogwart, teaching DADA lesson. A short story of his one little precious moment with his gang in Marauders. (this one kinda have a slight spoiler from HP5)

1  2  completed

Your Smile is Heaven (PG)

Sirius, Remus, James and Lily were going on a vacation to the muggle's world. Sirius was complaining about why did he have to go as well, but... after some event going on. he's not complaining again *lol*

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